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Uke Hunt Podcast #001

Posted by ukehunt on 22nd July 2010

As well as some top-notch tunes and plenty of swearing, there's an interview with Herman Vandecauter who tells us about fingernails and why you shouldn't strum a ukulele. Here's the full line-up:

1. Holland Greco - Stuck!

2. Quiet Choir - Echo

3. Shiny and the Spoon - Canary in a Coalmine

4. Phredd - My Mom is a Pirate

5. The Great Sebaldo - Bullshit Man

6. Quince - Boring

7. Yoyoyo Acapulco - Loot (album out now on

8. Armelle Europe interviews Herman Vandecauter Pt 1

9. Herman Vandecauter - Russel Falls

10. Armelle Europe interviews Herman Vandecauter Pt 2

11. Bosko and Honey with Gensblue - Earthquake

12. Jacob Borshard and Cake On Cake - Summer Will Have Its Way (also available for free download at

13. Craig Robertson - Narcissa

Listen Now:

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