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Uke Hunt Podcast #6

Posted by ukehunt on 29th March 2011

The March 2011 edition of the Uke Hunt podcast features a session from uke toting, punk rocking Midlander Uke's Not Dead along with tracks from Gwyn Edwards, Evanescent, Jen Kwok and plenty more besides.


1. Gwyn Edwards – St Guinefort etc.

2. Evanescent – The Palace of the Wind

3. Eloise Boutry – A Little Adventure Called Life

4. Jen Kwok – I Don't Think About Dying

5. Small Engine Repair – Pass the Time

6. Uke's Not Dead Live in Session - Jeremy Kyle

7. Uke's Not Dead Live in Session -Oi, Kid! Don't Be A Hoody

8. Uke's Not Dead Live in Session - Ah, Fuck. I Can't Believe You've Done This

9. The Brass Traps – Drunk Mosquito

10. Salwa Azar – Floating in Milk

11. Naked Girls & Aeroplanes – Rough Love

12. Kirsty McGee – Sandman

13. Thingumabob & the Thingumajigs – Two Sips

Listen Now:

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