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Uke Hunt Podcast #7

Posted by ukehunt on May 3rd, 2011

The April 2011 edition of the Uke Hunt podcast features flamenco ukulele from Herman Vandercauter, drizzly jazz from Patsy Monteleone, folktronica from Substitute Sandwiches and plenty more besides.

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Playlist: 1. Nicholas Abersold - Those Punk Rock Days

2. Herman Vandecauter - Andaluzukulele

3. Patsy Monteleone - April Showers

4. Jessica Delfino - Chinatown

5. The Corner Laughers - Inner Archaeologist

6. Jake Wildwood - Amateur Night Five Dollars

7. Substitute Sandwiches - Criss-Cross Celluloid

8. Uke Punk - Mister, Mister

9. The Spiraltones - Lost Weekend

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