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Uke Hunt Podcast #10

Posted by ukehunt on August 30th, 2011

The Uke Hunt podcast hits double figures with tracks from old friends like Craig Robertson, Uke's Not Dead and David Leech; and from new friends including Chibbshish and The Bijoux Touts.


1. Uke's Not Dead - Oi Kid! Don't Be A Hoody

2. Lila Burns - Barefeet

3. Chibbsish - Dateukevox

4. Watercolor Paintings - Vultures

5. David Leach - Jeremy Kyle

6. Herman Vandecauter - Vilsmayer's Suite

7. Craig Robertson - It's Your Fault

8. Ukulele Bartt - Love Burrito

9. The Bijoux Toots - I Want Your Love

10. Jason Johans - Shady Grove

11. Jane Cameron - Superhero

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