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Uke Hunt Podcast #11: Emily Scott

Posted by ukehunt on November 21st, 2011

CIMG1032.jpgUke Hunt Podcast #11 in your face.

After a bit of break, the podcast is back in style with an incredible session from Emily Scott along with a whole bunch of uke songs.


  1. Salwa Azar - White Horse
  2. Quince - A Place By The River
  3. Nicholas Abersold - Dead Serious
  4. Henry the Rabbit - Dune Bird
  5. Tajdar Junaid - The Return
  6. Emily Scott live in session - Would You Say?
  7. Emily Scott live in session - London Plane
  8. Emily Scott live in session - The First Swallow
  9. Al Avant - Ward 15
  10. Shiny and the Spoon - No Hole In My Head
  11. Graham Jong-II - Amber
  12. Kiwafruit - I’m On My Way
  13. Clarilele Mike - Miss Me
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